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After School Program

South Florida Mental Health is proud to offer “After School Wellness program” a program which was expertly created by our clinical staff and fellow Florida universities to meet the needs of today’s children & teens.

Here, your child will get the support they need to address issues deriving from behavioral issues, mental health, substance abuse and more. Providing children with support they need to be an asset to the family and community.

Our mission is to provide unmatched mental health 🧠 services, with new modalities that give results for our patients.

South Florida Mental Health & Recovery’s After School Wellness Program focuses on core issues that lead to instability children’s lives, while also incorporating the family to ensure a thorough and individualized therapeutic experience like no other!

Group Therapy (PSR)

Group Therapy PSR is a supportive, structured, and evidence-based program designed for outpatient treatment facilities to help individuals recover from addiction and mental health conditions through group therapy sessions, education, and skill-building activities.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a confidential and personalized approach to mental health treatment in an outpatient setting, in which a trained therapist works one-on-one with a patient to address specific psychological and emotional issues, build coping skills, and promote personal growth and well-being.

Homework Assistance

Support for individuals in completing their assigned school work, aimed at helping them maintain their academic progress, improve their educational outcomes, and enhance their overall well-being, as part of their comprehensive recovery plan.

Sports & Recreational Activities

We provide offer a fun and healthy way for individuals to improve their physical fitness, relieve stress, develop social skills, and boost their overall mood and well-being as part of their recovery journey./p>

Snack Dinner

South Florida Mental Health and Recovery provides nutritious and tasty snacks as part of its comprehensive care plan, aimed at promoting good health, satisfying hunger, and improving the overall well-being of individuals in their treatment for mental health and addiction.


The facility provides convenient and reliable transportation services to individuals in their treatment for mental health and addiction, ensuring that they can safely and easily attend appointments, therapy sessions, and recreational activities, as part of their comprehensive recovery plan.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Care only South Florida Mental Health & Recovery can offer:

Individualized Approach

With a qualified Team of providers that work together to achieve better health outcomes.

Levels of care

We provide comprehensive outpatient services, from symptom stabilization to long-term recovery.

Latest Research Modality:

We offer treatment that is founded on evidence-based practices while utilizing the latest research available. Our staff participates in upcoming research to produce better modalities of practice to assure positive outcomes. Dual Diagnosis: We are skilled in both substance abuse and mental health

Dual Diagnosis

We are skilled in both substance abuse and mental health care modalities to provide comprehensive wraparound services.

Quick Admission

We understand the need to make admissions process easy and quick, so you can start treatment as soon as possible.

Appointment schedule

We handle our scheduling of appointments so you do not have to wait. We respect and value your time.

Compassionate Staff

We understand the pain that living with mental illness can cause, our staff is unmatched in giving you 100%.


Here at South Florida Mental Health, we have a group of well qualified team members ready to address all of your mental health and substance abuse needs with an unmatchable service. We are ready to guide you through the process for a better healthier you. We are here for the community, providing the most professional, culturally competent reliable services, and marking the difference!


South Florida Mental health provides a full spectrum of outpatient psychiatric services in office and via telehealth. We provide psychiatric services to children, adolescents and adults of all ages. Our licensed psychiatrists and highly qualified and experienced psychiatric nurse practitioners will conduct an evaluation that helps determine the need for medication and make specific treatment recommendations.

Counseling & Psychotherapy

South Florida Mental health offers comprehensive counseling services to meet clients’ individualized needs

Individual therapy

Our culturally competent clinical staff aims to assist individuals identify troubling emotions, thoughts, or behaviors. Services are provided at the office, clients’ home, school, and/ or via telehealth. Clinicians will explore triggers affecting symptomology as they aim to assist individuals in building coping mechanisms intended to manage symptomology effectively. Our highly effective clinicians are trained for a variety of conditions, including mental health disorders and substance use disorder to treat children, adolescents, and adults.

Family therapy

Family counseling may include parents, siblings, children, relatives, or others relevant to the psychological health of one’s family. Services are provided at the office and/ or clients’ home. Interventions are aimed at restoring relationships and supports within the family. At South Florida Mental Health and Recovery, we understand the nature and power of families. We strive to help them build on their strengths, improve, and balance relationships, to help each person grow and attain health and improvement in their lives.

Couples Therapy

Complex issues can arise in a relationship that can often cause great stress and put marriages, partnerships, and committed relationships at risk, especially if there are children involved. Our therapists can help identify and define the issues, assist in developing a better understanding of the dynamics, and help improve communication, as well as the skills needed to strengthen relationships and/or reach a compromise. Couples counseling services are offered at our offices or in the comforts of home. We are here to help couples harmonize with each other in a positive way.

Targeted case management 

Targeted Case Management is a community-based program that offers help to children and adults who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder currently affecting functional abilities due to exacerbation of mental health symptoms. Experienced case managers coordinate a team treatment approach, offering individuals and their families’ strategies and resources for effectively treating mental health disabilities.

Services include:

  • Coordination of all services including connecting individuals to mental health providers as needed.
  • Referrals to applicable community resources.
  • Advocating for individuals served in schools, home environments, and the community.
  • Linking to financial, medical, educational, legal, housing, transportation, and other community resources.
  • Monitoring individuals served and families’ progress throughout the program.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse: South Florida Mental Health & Recovery has developed an integrated and compassionate approach to substance use counseling, which includes a focus on the stages of change, relapse prevention planning, information and education, life skills development, and building social support systems. Individual substance use counseling is our most common treatment approach. Whatever issues or symptoms our clients are experiencing can be treated in a comfortable one-on-one environment at the clients’ home, office or via telehealth. Whether through our outpatient or more intensive day programs, South Florida Mental Health & Recovery is here to help those struggling with the often-complex problems brought on by substance use.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)

Group modality available for children, adolescents & adults. Activities designed to offer clients tools to increase independence and restore functional declines and integrate back into society with the needed tools learned in sessions. It is designed to promote redevelopment or restoration of basic living skills as well as break the cycle of social isolation experienced by individuals suffering from severe mental illness.


Here at South Florida Mental Health, we have a group of well qualified team members ready to address all of your mental health and substance abuse needs with an unmatchable service. We are ready to guide you through the process for a better healthier you. We are here for the community, providing the most professional, culturally competent reliable services, and marking the difference!

Alejandra Suarez

Certified Behavioral Health Technician

PSR Department Supervisor. Alejandra is a compassionate and dedicated professional, fostering positive change in mental health support.

Azucena Sanchez


Azucena, a dedicated psychiatric nurse practitioner, provides expert care and compassionate support to enhance mental well-being.

Edelis Morales


Edelis, a skilled psychiatric nurse practitioner, delivers exceptional care and guidance, promoting holistic mental health.

Jaqueline Rodriguez

Office Receptionist

Jaqueline's warm demeanor and exceptional organizational skills create a welcoming and efficient environment for all.

Joey Perez


Joey's visionary leadership and strategic acumen drive the facility's success, empowering the team to excel.

Jose Travieso

Certified Behavioral Health Technician / Admin

Jose's expertise as a CBHT combined with his strong administrative skills ensure exceptional care and operational excellence.

Marilyn Nieves

Office receptionist

Marilyn's friendly disposition and exceptional organizational abilities create a welcoming and efficient atmosphere for all.

Mayvis Gonzalez

MSW / Psychotherapist

Mayvis, a highly skilled psychotherapist, empowers clients towards personal growth and healing.

Pablo Lorenzo

Clinical Director and LCSW

Pablo adeptly steers staff and clients, cultivating a haven of empathy and therapeutic prowess.

Keiliss Echemendia


Keiliss, as a dedicated LCSW, blends clinical acumen with empathy, guiding clients towards resilience and well-being.

Estefania Castro


Estefania, as a psychologist, integrates insight and empathy, fostering deep understanding and growth in her therapeutic practice.

Migdeliza Gomez

Targeted Case Management Supervisor

Migdeliza's strategic oversight in targeted case management fosters impactful interventions, uplifting clients' journeys towards well-being.

Nancy Martinez


Nancy, the welcoming face at SFMH, excels in patient coordination and support, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

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Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions about our outpatient mental health facility. This includes information on our hours of operation, accessibility, confidentiality, and other commonly asked questions.


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